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All About Immigration Bonds

A person can be released when he or she is detained or arrested on the basis of immigration offences by getting an immigration bond. These bonds are only available to the person arrested or detained if they meets some certain qualification

U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the government body that is mandated to arrest and detain nationals who don’t belong to that country Personal recognizance by the government body can be the key to the release of a detainee. The major types of the immigration bonds available to a detainee are normally two. A detainee who considered not to be threat to the national security nor the public is the one who can access the available types of immigration bonds.

The first type of immigration bond is known as the delivery bond. When a judge has granted a delivery bond to the detainee of the enforcement arm of the government has decided so is when the detainee can be granted the delivery bond. The hearings a detainee attends is always due to the results of issuance of a delivery bond to a detainee. Family and an immigration lawyers are the two factors that are considered by the delivery bond to allow the detainee to interact with bond. The second type of an immigration bond is known as the voluntary departure bond. The detainees normally have to choose between leaving the country at their own expenses and within a specific period of time or otherwise.

The detainee is always compensated by the immigration department to the detainee once the detainee has left the country within the agreed time span. The compensation is usually forfeited when the terms are not met by the detainee. Immigration bonds amount are normally affected by several factors including the criminal history of the detainee. The immigration bond usually increase with increase in the flight risk. The government usually takes long usually one year or more to compensate the money to the person who issued it. Two ways are always available for an immigration bond to be paid. A surety bond is normally obtained when the detainees friends or family works closely with the immigration bond agent.

25% of the total immigration bond usually goes to the agent that ensured the detainee got the surety bond. The cash bond can be paid by the detainee’s family directly to the immigration customs and enforcement. The money is always refunded to the family once the detainee has attended all the hearings in the court. When the alien dies, the immigration bond is always revoked. The revocation can also take place when the magistrate grants a permanent residence to the detainee.

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