Adding a Slice of Nature to Your Wedding Decor

Even if you don’t want to go with a complete all nature theme at your wedding adding a slice of it should at least be an option. Nature theme weddings are a delight. How often can we immerse ourselves in nature in high heels and dresses? A touch of nature-themed decor is a must at every wedding. Especially if the outdoors and rustic chic ones. How can you achieve that suture themed look all the while keeping it subtle? Keep reading if you want in on the secrets.

A lot of woodwork

A nature-themed wedding is incomplete without wood pieces. Whether you make a wooden wedding ceremonial archway draped with lush and flowyhydrangea flowers and greenery or simply have your centerpieces perched on wooden slices. Another way to work wood into your decor is by having wooden branches hanging above the reception tables. They can be covered in foliage, moss or lovely hydrangea flowers hanging from it. This is a very unique and creative way to incorporate wood into your decor.

Cascading waterfall flower decor

Cascading waterfall style decor is popular and gives out a magical feel. Brides looking for such nature themes would want to include some sort of cascading decor. Flowers that work well for this kind of decor would be the ones that are soft and willowy. That said, you can actually use a bunch of different sizes and shapes flowers. From garden roses to hyacinth flowersor even narcissus flowers. By adding a touch greenery and baby’s breath this can be a beautiful wedding display. If you want to go full in, make a waterfall wedding archway with hydrangea flowers, calla lilies and of course roses. It will look stunning and a great nature-themed archway sure to delight all your guests.

Foliage are your best friends

For all nature themed weddings having a lot of foliage is the key. In places where you would be using ribbons or other miscellaneous stuff, try to use leaves. A collection of good greenery matching with the decor can uplift and change the mood completely. We highly suggest that you consider different types of chic foliage like the silver dollar eucalyptus, Myrtle, leather fern or Lemon leaves. These are some of the most amazing greenery you’ll find and having them will give you a nature vibe like no other. Make sure to also include some simple flowers and fillers in between too. Baby’s breath and hydrangea flowers would work best for these.

Think out of the box

What we discussed above is classic combinations and ideas for portraying a nature theme. But we have to think more creatively. Using pine cones and sprigs of rosemary are a great way to incorporate the nature theme in little details. Instead of folding your table napkins in ribbons or cloth you can have sprigs of rosemary tied around it. Use pine cones to stick in your guest’s name tags and place them on the table. Adding a touch foliage and cute flowers like hydrangea and hyacinth can make all the difference.

The nature-themed wedding sounds lovely but unfortunately can cost a lot. Buying so much foliage and flowers can quite honestly get expensive. So we suggest that you head to online wholesale stores like whole blossoms to purchase them in bulk. Find your flowers, get them in bulk for a much lesser price and make your nature themed wedding a memorable one.