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Top 7 Bugs Found in Our Homes

Most of us have probably experienced bugs in our homes at some point in time. You have likely encountered one of the bugs found mentioned in the article below. You will not necessarily find all of them at once, although its possible, you will at least find one.

The first on our list is bedbugs. Despite what the name suggests, bedbugs are not necessarily found only in beds. Bedbugs are found in wooden furniture, dark corners, clothes, beds and even wooden parts of the house. Although some think that bedbugs only occur as a result of dirt, you will find that even the cleanest of homes can easily be infested by bedbugs. Some of the ways of bringing bedbugs into your home is by coming into contact with furniture, a person or even a house that is infested with bedbugs. You can hire a pest control company if destroying them yourself proves difficult.
You are very likely to come across spiders in homes from time to time. There exists so many species of spiders but each area has species that are indigenous to that area. Even though spiders are not aggressive as such, if a venomous one were to bite you, it could be nasty.
You will find ants in most homes today. Just like all other living organisms, there are so many species and they can vary from region to region, for example, the florida ants found in Florida. Even though they may not be there in a full-blown infestation you are bound to come across one or two scouting for food for the colony. Killing a single ant will not benefit you so instead you could have a pest control company deal with an entire colony.
On our list is termites. Termites have made a name for themselves as destructive bugs. Make a point of getting rid of them fast before they cause extensive damage.
Cockroaches are known to really adapt fast to the conditions around them and are thus known as the most resilient bugs. They are not limited to a single food source therefore if some of their food sources run out to change to something else. They also multiply so fast so if you do not deal with them fast they could overwhelm and embarrass you with their numbers.
Let us not forget ticks are we talk about common bugs. Ticks has been found to Lyme disease which has flu-like symptoms and a rash. Even though ticks are known to attack pets and livestock they can transfer to human beings as well.
Centipedes are the last bug on our list of 7 common bugs. They feed on other bugs which means you could reduce centipedes by simply getting rid of other bugs.
The above mentioned bugs are the bugs most likely to be found in homes today.