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Event Venues in San Francisco

Undoubtedly, San Francisco belongs to the top ten visited cities in the United States. Not only it is a destination for ingenuity and technical developments, this city is without a doubt amazing and exceptional because of its all-natural wonders and architectural institutions. Therefore, it comes as a little surprise that the City by the Bay is the location of an extraordinary wide range of event space. If you are looking for some suggestions and recommendations on San Francisco event venues, a good amount of detail and information is provided here!

If you are searching for an all-out experience of the Victorian period, then the San Francisco Theological seminary is the finest location for you. This school has amazing interior design which fits right in if you are going for a Victorian themed party. The Geneva terrace offers a maximum capacity of 170 people and from there you can enjoy the view of Mount Tamalpais.

If you are getting into a vegan or vegetarian diet, the most perfect event space for you is The Hall. They promote green cuisine because they get it form the locals on SF Bay Watershed. There is an outdoor patio that can give a relaxing feel to an event.

If you are more of the millennial period, then the newly revamped SVN West event space is an ideal choice. You can easily locate SVN West because it is situated near SF market. It has three levels which consists of 100,000 square feet for each. The wide space is certainly a good thing for concerts, big events and corporate parties.

Venturing to downtown San Francisco, you can find Bespoke to be situated near tech and retail marketplaces. This event venue can accommodate up to 1200 guests. This is an ideal place for influencers to conduct a party since they also offer free internet connection along with catering services and AV equipment.

The Nourse is actually beautiful if you plan on hosting musicals, theatrical shows, and plays. It is a landmark theatre venue located in the center of San Francisco’s art performing district. Not only does it hold a total of 1698 people, this place is ideal for concerts and shows because of its good sound acoustics along with its classic architectural details.

The Winemaker studios is a go-to place for people who wants their gatherings to be a little more intimate. It is conveniently situated at treasure island which is just a few miles away from the downtown. They provide a great view of the skyline along with free wine tastings.

If you are more of an outdoor type, then the Conservatory of Flowers would be an interesting choice. This is quite popular on historic terms since it is located at Golden gate park. The whole package comes with access to the exhibits of their galleries, a complete staff waiting at your disposal, and of course the pavilion space.

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