Why Wooden Toy Box is The Best Gift Idea?

Toys are your kid’s best friend but it could be your enemy. Playing is a crucial part for your kids to fostering acuity, but no one knows the pain like a parent who just stepped into a piece of a plastic toy. With every latest toy your little tot craves for, the collection continues to increase that becomes unmanageable for you. Whether you’ve managed to store all of them in the shelves or they are strewn across the floor, an addition of a wooden toy chest is a practical solution to handle potential ‘toy overload’.

Why a toy box?

When you live with young children, it’s difficult to keep their belongings in place and minimizing clutter has always been a tough job. So what’s the way out? A storage solution! A toy box may sound like a simple storage tank, but practically it has many benefits that you would love to invest in it.

Why gift a wooden toy box?

Easy to handle:

Wooden chests are heavy but it can be easily handled by you as well as by those little hands. With sturdy body and safety lid, a wooden box is ideal for your kids to keep their belongings inside.

Customized design:

When you choose to buy handcrafted solid toy box, you can place the order for unfinished one. You will not only save some money, but you will also have the chance to get it finished on your own. You can then match it to any of your home decor. Otherwise, you can place order directly for an elegant piece that will suit to your main living space or you can go for funny design for the ideal match to your kid’s room.

Names engraved:

The best part of buying a customized wooden toy box is that you can get your kid’s name engraved on the body to add more emotional touch to it. When you add his name on the box, you make it more special for him.

Unique and heirloom worthy:

Unlike other stuffed toys that are easily replaced by some other toys, handcrafted wooden toy box is unique in every sense. With name engraved on the box, your kid’s will immediately feel connected to the gift and would love to keep it for life time. A wooden toy chest is not something to be forgotten over couple of months, but it’s a worthy possession to be handed down to the next generation.

Safety and quality:

Solid wood toy box comes with robust wooden body. Since it is designed for kids, safety is at the paramount of importance. Make sure to buy the box that has double lid support, so that it doesn’t slam on those little fingers with lifted up.

So what do you think when it comes to gift something unique to your kids? Did you ever consider handcrafted customized toy box? If no, then this time you can try.