How Flowers Help in Setting Your Mood?

A bouquet of lovely flowers, hand-delivered by your soulmate, can make your thoughts travel into the lanes of love, leaving behind all the worries. Flowers with pleasant fragrances can help promote emotions that intensify bond between lovers.

The use of aromatic flowers for setting the perfect mood is a sensual way to fire up your libido. The fragrances from certain flowers evoke sensual feelings because your sense of smell connects straight to your brain’s emotional center that triggers your libido. You need to believe in the aroma of the listed flowers that heighten your lover’s attraction towards you:

Red Rose

Words cannot express the sheer beauty and grandeur of the red rose. It is a symbol of love and passion. The red rose signifies the throbbing heat of new love, an ardent song of attraction. Red is the color of union, blazing desires and craving passion. The significance of red rose then is quite obvious from its color itself. The mere presence and enchanting scent of red roses can make you go crazy in love.


Lavender is simply beautiful and looks very desirable in nature. Undeniably, one of the most irresistible scents among men is that of lavender which stimulates sexual desires. Massaging with the lavender oils increase blood flow to nether regions and also enhance female sensitivity. As lavender is associated with relaxation, it promotes good sleep after your horny marathon. You can make your sexual marathon more memorable with ultra-thin condoms.


Denoted as the king of the flowers, jasmine has been used to reignite the flame of love since ages. It is known to be physically stimulating which makes you more emotionally aware. Jasmine’s erotic and exotic scent lifts your mood and brings warmth into your relationship with your partner. In case you don’t get your hands on jasmine, you can still enjoy your aromatic night with Manforce jasmine flavored condoms.


Being an exotic beauty, orchids are often defined as a symbol of sexuality. It is exciting to know that orchids with a certain breed actually produce vanilla beans, an effective ingredient for sexual arousal. Orchids and vanilla both weave a sense of attraction with a thread of love.


Chamomile is an aphrodisiac that relaxes the brain and relieves the stomach. Moreover, its buds are helpful in producing sexual arousal in men. You can also try a perfume containing chamomile scent, or a bath product if you want to enhance your sexual desires.

You can use these flowers either as a decorative element or in a disguise of perfumes, bath products or condoms to have the perfect sexual encounter with your partner.